Gear Rentals

Gear rental pricing is based off of a one day rental fee.

RED Camera
Scarlet W-5K DSMC2 Includes: *PLEASE SEE BELOW* $400


DSLA Camera’s
Sony A7S2 Includes: 2 batteries, 2 64gb Sd Cards, Case $65
Sony A6300 Includes: 2 batteries, 2 64gb Sd Cards, Case $35


Go Pro’s
Hero 8 Black Includes: 2 batteries, 1 32gb Sd Cards, Case $30
Hero 5 Includes: 2 batteries, 1 32gb Sd Cards, Case $20


Camera Lenses
Rokinon EF Cine Lens Kit 85mm T1.5, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.4 $75
Canon EF 24-70mm LII 2.8 $35
Canon EF 70-200mm USM II L 2.8 $35
Tokina EF 11-16mm 2.8 $15


Camera Accessories
PD Movie Wireless Follow Focus Includes: 1 TRX, 1 RX, 2 Batteries, Case, Mounting Accesories $25
Sony Batteries NP-FW50 Includes: 1 Sony Battery $5
Feel World 7inch Monitor** Includes: 1 HDMI/SDI 4k Feelworld Monitor, 2 NPF-970 Batteries and charger $25
DJI Ronin M Includes: 1 Ronin M Kit, 2 Batteries, 1 Case $100
Sigma MC-11 Adapter Includes: 1 adapter for Canon Lens EF to Sony E mount $10

*Red Camera Package Includes: 3 V-lock Batteries (DYNA DM-155S V-MOUNT DYNA DM-95S V-MOUNT
DYNA DS-90SC), 1-512gb Mini Mag, Mini Mag Reader, Small Rig Accessories(Top Handle, Side Handle, and Bottom Cheese Plate), Cannon electric lens, mount, 2 Lemo Adapters, 1 Lemo Cable, 4.5inch Red Monitor, IO Base Expander, and carrying case.

**Feelworld Monitor does not come with cables

Sennheiser EW 112P Includes: Trx, Rx, 2 AA batteries, Lav Mic, XLR adapter, 1/8in adapter $50
Rode Mic Includes: mic $35
Senal UTM-86-35H Lav Includes: 1 Lav 3.5mm Connector for Sennheiser TRX $35
Wooden Camera A Box Includes: 1 DSMC2 A Box $35
ARRI 650W Kit Includes: 3 Arri 650W lights, 1-1k dimmer, scrims, barn doors $50
GVM LED 1X1 Kit Includes: 3 1×1 LED Panels, 3 Stands, All Cables, Gel Kit, 9 – NPF-970 Batteries and chargers $35
ESDDI LED Light Includes: Light, 1- NPF-970 Battery $5
Viltrox VL-162T LED Video Light Includes: Light, 1- NPF-970 Battery $5
Rock N Roller Cart Includes: Cart and Table conversion accessories $50
Sand Bag Includes: 1 15lb sand bag $5
Plastic Grip Clips Includes: Assorted Size Clips $5
25 ft Stinger Includes: 1 25ft Stinger $3
Folding Chairs Includes: 5 Folding Chair $15
Folding Table Includes: 1 6ft, OR 4ft folding table $8

A certificate of insurance must be received by Next Level Visual Studios LLC before the equipment can be released to the renter. The certificate must be in the amount of at least one million dollars in general liability coverage and Next Level Visual Studios LLC named as additional insured. In addition Miscellaneous Rented Equipment coverage must also be provided for the value of the equipment and Next Level Visual Studios LLC named as loss payee. Acceptance of rented equipment constitutes acceptance of al l terms and conditions.

Next Level Visual Studios LLC bills with a 30 day net to companies with an established account. Companies who do not have an established account may be required to provide a deposit with balance of payment due upon return of rental equipment.

All rentals and sales are subject to Florida State Sales Tax. Companies providing a Florida Tax Exempt certificate before the billing date will be EXEMPT from sales tax. A cancellation fee of 50% will be billed if Next Level Visual Studios LLC receives notice of job cancellation later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled shoot.

The rental contract terms are in effect and the renter assumes all risks of loss from the time equipment leaves Next Level Visual Studios LLC rental facility, including while in transit, use or storage and until equipment is returned to Next Level Visual Studios LLC rental facility. Except for normal wear and tear on rental equipment, the renter assumes all responsibility for damage or loss of rental equipment and or loss of rentals due to equipment returned broken or in non rentable condition. Broken or missing bulbs will be charged. Burn-outs must be returned. Equipment is due back no later than 9 a.m. on the following business day after rental.

Rental equipment can be picked up and/or returned between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. (Holidays excluded). Pickup or delivery after hours or on weekends may require additional charges. Arrangements for pickup and/or delivery of equipment to and from your location can be made on an individual basis. Additional charges will apply.

Next Level Visual Studios LLC reserves the right to designate certain crew members and/or drivers to deliver equipment and/or operate certain equipment. Next Level Visual Studios LLC is in no way responsible for their actions and/or injuries. The crew members provided are employees of your production and/or Production Company. All rates and terms should be discussed with them on an individual basis.

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