Film Production - Graphic Design - Animation

Revolutionizing Student Debt.

NLVS Tampa provided video production and animation services for Defynance, helping them raise over $1 million through a crowdfunding video. We also developed engaging visuals for their website and training portal, enhancing their online learning experience and user engagement. Check out how our work supported Defynance’s successful fundraising and educational efforts.

Crowdfunding Campaign Video

Below is the videos for crowdfunding campaign produced for Defynance

Crowdfunding Campaign

Animated Videos

Below are just a few of the amazing animated videos produced for Defynance

Defynance Investor

Defynce Landing Page

Website Videos & Email Video Campaign Content

Below are just a few of the amazing videos produced for Defynance

What is Defynance?

ROEP Marketplace - Wellness

ROEP Marketplace - Finances

Quote Call - Funding Amounts

Quote Call - Completing your ISA

ROEP Marketplace - Credit